Everything You Need to Know About 2023 Ford Fusion

2023 Ford Fusion – Following the cancellation of the 2019 Fusion last summer, this model will be offered as a global crossover. The 2023 Ford Fusion will undoubtedly arrive with a new body style. A few months back, we saw an early version with fragmented body pieces. We got our first look at the 2023 Fusion crossover last week thanks to leaked photos, and now we have video of the first prototype in motion.


2023 Ford Fusion Exterior


The Ford Fusion Activ will be accessible in North America, while the Mondeo Activ will be available in Europe and China, where it will replace the present Mondeo sedan. The new vehicle will be manufactured on the Ford C2 chassis, in addition to the Ford Maverick. Furthermore, products like the Ford Bronco are built on the same chassis.

2023 Ford Fusion Spy Shots

The 2023 Ford Fusion will be more of a high-riding wagon than a crossover-SUV, according to these photos. The automobile has the appearance of a sedan, but it has a wider greenhouse and a rear hatchback, which should provide more luggage space than the preceding sedan.


2023 Ford Fusion


The features of this prototype have been heavily camouflaged, making it impossible to identify them. However, the Fusion had a front grille that matched the current Ford Edge model in leaked photos from last week. The Fusion crossover appears to be the Edge’s replacement, as it shares many of the Edge’s features. We’re still waiting for the camouflage to be removed so we can see all of the cosmetic changes.

2023 Ford Fusion Interior

Furthermore, previous photographs revealed an interior design that differed greatly from what we see in recent Ford vehicles. The 2023 Ford Fusion prototype had a large screen that ran the length of the dashboard, similar to Mercedes’ new MBUX display. Unfortunately, that’s all we know about the Fusion’s interior.


2023 Ford Fusion Interior


Of course, we anticipate a slew of fresh stylistic elements inspired by the Mustang Mach-E crossover and other contemporary automobiles. As previously stated, Fusion will almost certainly have larger cargo room than its predecessor. Finally, we anticipate a slew of new driver-assistance capabilities as well as a long list of basic functions.

2023 Ford Fusion Possible Powertrain Options and Specs

The engine lineup is currently a complete unknown to us. The upcoming Ford Fusion in 2023 will almost certainly inherit engine options from other brands’ cars. As previously stated, the C2 architecture will be used for this crossover. The Fusion will be powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, according to numerous trustworthy sources.

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Furthermore, this engine will be offered in a hybrid version. Another possibility is the Escape’s 250-horsepower 2.0-liter engine. Fusion, on the other hand, will come with great fuel efficiency, plenty of power, and an optional AWD system.

2023 Ford Fusion Release Date and Price

Next year, the next Ford Fusion 2023 will be available in North America. Furthermore, this model will be sold as the “Mondeo Activ” variant in Europe and China. We don’t have a price yet, but we expect this model to start around $30,000.